There is no single answer to this question. You will likely be able to replace some jobs that will make your business more profitable so you can hire more people to perform different functions. The thing to consider is that you probably won’t replace your COO with a machine, but you may replace clerical functions. Even when North America was in the heat of the industrial revolution, and factories with machines were everywhere, there was still place for the skilled worker. In fact, it takes skilled workers to build and maintain automation systems.

There are those who have stated that Automation will create massive unemployment and cause economic ruin for many people.  This is not the case.  Like in the time when the automobile was gaining popularity, there was concern for the farriers, stable workers and those on the end of a shovel.  What happened was that these people now had opportunity to learn more skills and become mechanics, service shop workers and car salesmen.  With automation, there are still jobs for people, but usually they require a higher skillset and education, but result in Safer, Reliable and Interesting work.

At SYNERGI-FX, our purpose statement is “We enhance our client’s value by making lives Easier, more Productive and Safer through Innovative implementation of Technology.”

In the same way that you assess your strategies for growth, you need to choose which people and resources will help optimize your systems. A professional opinion can provide insight into how you can automate for the greatest benefit for staff and business alike.