Industrial IoT and Industry 4.0

Industrial IoT (IIoT) was originally defined by 'Industrie 4.0' which was a project originating in Germany with the goal of digitizing manufacturing processes. This drove the more global definition 'Industry 4.0' which represents the Fourth global Industrial Revolution. Components of Industry 4.0 include automation, data exchanges, cloud, cyber-physical systems, robots, Big Data, AI, IoT and (semi-)autonomous industrial techniques to create "Smart Processes". Though this was initially developed for the manufacturing industry, the concepts allow for applications across any platform that require monitoring of a process and the transfer of data.
Because the concept of IIoT involves adding a layer on top of existing control systems, it can be applied in a cost-effective manner to almost any process. Synergi-FX has stepped forward to embrace the Fourth Industrial Revolution to provide a universe of intelligent process applications and services to our clients.


Automation has revolutionized almost every aspect of business practice. Industrial Automation reduces human intervention in a process through the use of control systems. It is obvious that Automation increases productivity and reduces costs, increases precision and flexibility, but the biggest benefit is that it makes dangerous processes safer for people.

With our capable staff of Engineers and Programmers, we can achieve success in any size project, with the flexibility for fast turnaround and high quality results.


The basis of all project design is in the engineering. In Canada, Professional Engineering Associations regulate the industry to ensure compliance to code and that industry 'best practices' are followed in a design. The result of this focus in greater public safety.

When it comes to the design of any electrical system, whether big or small, experience and knowledge are integral for ensuring that power is delivered safely, reliably, and continuously.

Synergi-FX’s roster of experienced electrical engineers represents a wide range of backgrounds and experiences. Our engineers will work with you to analyze and understand your requirements to provide you with the power system appropriate for your business needs.