Information Technology

  • Fully managed services including design, implementation and support
  • Documentation and policies
  • Security auditing, testing, and monitoring
  • Backup strategies and implementation (on/off-site, leased data-center)
  • Systems monitoring and maintenance
  • Server, Network, WIFI implementation and support
  • IP Cameras, Voice-Over-IP

IT & OT Convergence

  • Field Network Vulnerability Audits
  • Process Control Network/ IT Network synergies
  • Realtime Field data collection
  • Integration of new assets into overall IT network
  • Network infrastructure design and implementation
  • Creation and implementation of Policies and Standards
  • Documentation of systems and structures

Operational Technology

  • Field SCADA Communications (Radio path studies, WAN Security)
  • 3rd Party integration (Web SCADA, proprietary interfaces)
  • Field-assistance and support for control-systems commissioning
  • Field Router/ IP design, configuration, implementation
  • SCADA Network Security
  • Monitoring and preventative maintenance of OT-related servers, workstations and networks
  • Design, implementation and monitoring of remote-access to control systems


“Businesses who integrate security into their strategic plans are better able to respond to cyber risks and attacks on their Information Technology (IT) systems. Operational Technology (OT), resident on process control networks, is potentially more exposed to threats, as there is typically reduced emphasis on security on legacy hardware systems that operate the facilities that generate corporate revenues. This imbalance can result in serious exposure to the entire enterprise.”

Risk and Exposure

SYNERGY-FX addresses the need to integrate relevant corporate IT policies into Industrial installations (OT) where there were Security exposures.

Data Collection and Optimization

SYNERGY-FX has designed custom systems that will optimize field data collection to provide decision makers with the ability to determine tactical implementation plans (TIPs) for strategic business resolutions.

Operational Enhancements

SYNERGY-FX has developed enhancements to HMI (Human Machine Interface) control installations to extend control of the facility to beyond the Control Room. SYNERGY-FX works with EPCs to create enhanced functionality for greenfield installations, integrating security and functionality into the design phase.


Contracted IT, not on your staff, instantly scalable to work with your staff on a project basis.


Certified with APEGA, APEGS, APEGBC.


Available for Remote support at either corporate or field locations.  We design the remote control interface.


Single source of expertise on both your Corporate and SCADA Networks.

Located Across Different Provinces

Field and city based technicians and engineers, fully safety certified for work at field sites in AB, BC, Sask.


Proficient in design and implementation of integrated, engineered solutions.


Corporate Understanding

Experienced with the needs of Corporate/ Field office/ Production facility data.  Worked with Production accounting departments to collect data spanning the Corporate and Field networks.


Experience with Class 1, Div 2 networking hardware, Twisted pair and Fiber interfaces, Fault tolerant networks and Spanning tree protocol on ring networks.


  • Network Debugging

    • Analyze network speed and related issues
    • Segregation of Corporate and SCADA networks
    • Security configuration for blocking resources as required
    • Detection of rogue IPs on the network
  • Hardware/Equipment

    • Experience with Design, Supply, Install of network hardware, based on design specs and customer requirements for Topology and Security models.
    • Knowledge of most SCADA hardware and compatibility with Server OS patches and updates.
    • Ability to work on field site (full safety certifications) on both the IT and SCADA network sides, saving money.
    • Design with Cellular and Satellite on your behalf
    • Procurement of data services on your behalf (Internet/ Leased Lines/ Short haul private IP networks/ Data Center leasing)
  • Preventative Maintenance

    • PM plans for Hardware/ Software/ radio installations etc.
    • We support legacy OS installations XP/ Win2K/ DOS