Synergi-FX has been providing Engineering services to the energy industry for almost 20 years. Oil and gas has been a major part of our service offerings.

As we look to the future and the global emphasis on renewable energy sources, we are partnering with providers to apply our expertise to the technologies that will make these energy sources viable. Synergi-FX continues to support traditional energy development with the focus on sustainability and socially responsible implementation.

As we leverage IIoT solutions across the energy industry, more efficient operational results have been achieved.


Synergi-FX provides industrial facilities and equipment manufacturers with automation services and process control solutions. We leverage our experience in the production and manufacturing industries to develop expert solutions, drive product innovation, cost savings and improve time-to-market.

Our leading-edge IIoT-based process stabilization techniques focus on improved efficiency, scalability, quality and reliability at the most effective cost achievable.


Synergi-FX has solutions for the commercial markets with building automation systems that implement IIoT to improve efficiency. The largest perceived opportunity is in the area of power savings, but optimizing other areas such as maintenance and modernization can drive operational costs down while helping profits to rise.

Our solutions encompass all areas of automation, with focus on developing Smart Buildings with internal management and monitoring systems that reduce dependence on human intervention.