Connected Factory

Smart systems are what gives the competitive edge. By connecting IoT devices and sensors into a system that can take this Big Data and derive intelligent conclusions, manufacturers can not only improve production, but also reduce downtime through preventative maintenance and predictive failure analysis.

All information can be made available on a real-time basis thereby improving the visibility of the processes which will help in taking quick actions and making business decisions to improve the process.

Remote Monitoring

By implementing IIoT and the Cloud, any process can be monitored from anywhere there is a network connection; on a production control room console, a laptop or even on a smartphone.
Having secure access to your processes from anywhere allows for monitoring, alarming and even control functions to be available to Operations regardless of their physical location relative to that process.
Reducing downtime and optimizing any process will help achieve Operational Excellence and give you a definite competitive edge.

Predictive Analysis

Comparing current conditions with historical trends by using Analytics can be used to predict subtle, early signs of a future problem. Data-driven insights enable companies to transform their approach with Predictive Maintenance (instead of Preventative Maintenance), enabling organizations to automatically trigger preventative actions when certain conditions occur.

Analytical models provide predictions about impending system failures and the ability to identify the root causes of issues. Predictive, condition-based maintenance can reduce maintenance related costs and unplanned outages.

Connected Field Service

By implementing IIoT, Field Service capabilities are becoming game changer. With remote access to optimized diagnostics, provisioning of skilled technicians, availability and distribution of correct the parts, and eventual servicing of the product can be scheduled and planned.

The status of remote connected devices can be viewed, analyzed and diagnosed. If applicable, the servicing can be done remotely by updating software through a secure network connection. If a site visit is required, Analytics can be used to deploy the closest, skilled field service technician to perform the required maintenance and repairs.