Reduced Production Cost

By implementing the advantages of Automation, production costs can be reduced and quickly outweigh the initial setup expense

Improved Product Quality

Automated processes that are programmed to perform repetitive tasks can greatly reduce defect rates as compared to an employee performing the same functions

Increased safety

Automation leads to increased employee safety where dangerous tasks are performed by machines rather than by people

Automation at Synergi-FX

Automation helps production units maximize returns through strict control over operations and improved efficiency. Industrial automation differs from the traditional concept of equipment manufacturing by introducing smart logic into the operations of machinery and equipment, using highly complex programming software.

Synergi-FX has created our niche in Industrial automation domain resulting in higher productivity, higher quality, higher flexibility, higher accuracy and higher safety. We continually add specialized staff to our roster to ensure our expertise remains relevant and effective. Synergi-FX serves as a certified integrator and distributor for the world’s leading automation products, including Wonderware, Citect, ClearScada, Yokagawa, Ignition, Scadavantage, FactoryTalk, RSView, VTScada, Cygnet, Delta V, Honeywell, Schneider plc and Rockwell.

Synergi-FX is positioned to help companies achieve the business model transformation they need to realize their full potential.  Automation and the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) offer manufacturers the chance to build faster processes, better products and improved asset efficiency, resulting in higher productivity. The time to start realizing that potential is now.

The deployment of sensors, actuators and low-level devices forms the basis of the IIoT advantage.  By leveraging Automated intelligence and Analytics in these existing systems, efficencies can be realized without the need for a complete redesign of most existing processes.

  • Distributed Control Systems (DCS)

    Improved control reliability and performance.
    Flexibility to control distributed discrete field devices and its operating stations.
    Dedicated and decentralized controllers.
    Predictive intelligence more economically where you need it.

  • Remote Terminal Units (RTU)

    Remote monitoring and control.
    Stand-alone intelligent/master controller.
    Manufacture high standard and customized RTUs and Metering products.

  • Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC)

    Monitoring system and control strategy.
    Sensors and relays integration.
    PLC programming and troubleshooting.
    Program Logic and Shutdown Keys from existing PLC/DCS.
    Simulation for customer acceptance testing (CAT).
    PLC and SCADA integration.


    Configuration and programming services.
    SCADA software development.
    Data display and analysis.