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Renewable energy and Internet of Things. Smart factory. Smart energy. Smart grid concept.

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  • Energy IIoT

    Today more than ever, the Energy Industry has had to react to global issues such as Foreign supply, Environmental requirements and Media pressures.  To stay ahead of the competition, forward-thinking companies are embracing  the power of IIoT which allows them to proactively plan for the future.

    While Oil and Gas has been a major part of our service offerings it is not our only focus. Renewable Energy has always been and continues to be our passion. As we look to the future and the global emphasis on Renewable Energy sources, we are partnering with providers to apply our expertise and help make these technologies viable. We also continue to support traditional energy development with the focus on sustainability and socially responsible implementation.

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  • Production IIoT

    Manufacturing has always been on the forefront of automation since the beginning of the Industrial Revolution.  Industry 4.0 has become the standard for IIoT as Production facilities connect with the Internet of Things.  With these new standards, RN Engineering helps businesses be more competitive through integrating IIoT into their existing automated systems.

    We provide industrial facilities and equipment manufacturers with automation service and process control solutions. We leverage our experience of production and manufacturing industries to develop expert solutions, drive product innovation, cost savings and improved time-to-market.

    Our leading-edge Automation and Process Stabilization techniques allows  improved Efficiency, Scalability as well as improved Quality and Reliability.  Extracting relevant parameters through Data Analytics provides a superior competitive edge.

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  • Commercial IIoT

    Building Automation and commercial applications of IIoT are increasing in complexity to gain greater efficiencies.  This is required in an environment of increased costs, environmental responsibility and higher operational efficiencies

    At RN Engineering our team work with you to understand your business, product development and automation services needs. We utilize our turn-key solutions to develop an integrated solution to bring them together as a system, or, we can design a fully customized solution to meet your system requirements.

    RN Engineering is continuously working to enable the development of a new generation of automation systems with commercial applications. We are working to transform industry practices through direct involvement in the development of key standards and implementation policies.

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Our Latest News

RN Engineering is pleased to announce the addition of some key staff to our roster.

Patty Miller CPHR is now on our team in the role of HR administrator.  She is helping us in the areas of staffing and helping us maintain our competitive edge in the marketplace by attracting top talent.

Abigail Wieler has joined us in the role of Systems Analyst.  With a background in the energy industry and administrative roles in numerous businesses, Abby is helping us develop automated, efficient systems for both our needs and also for our clients.  With her expertise, we have optimized numerous systems and created time-saving processes for many aspects of our business.  In 2018 we will be implementing her skillset into our IIoT designs for our clients.

Our programming and Engineering staff has also been growing with the addition of seasoned professionals with relevant industry experience.


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June 6, 2018

Automation Is The Future

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April 1, 2018

Will jobs be eliminated by implementing Automation in my workplace?

There is no single answer to this question. You will likely be able to replace some jobs that will make your business more profitable so you can hire more people…

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Associations & Memberships