Health, Safety and Environment

Synergi-FX, as an employer in the Province of Alberta, is committed to providing a healthy and safe work environment for its employees, contractors, clients and visitors to our job sites. This commitment is aligned with Synergi-FX’s corporate values, vision and mission statements.

  • Synergi-FX is committed to a health and safety management system that protects our workers, other workers (i.e. contractors) who enter onto the job site.
  • Management and employees of Synergi-FX are responsible and accountable for the company’s health and safety performance.
  • Synergi-FX provides the necessary training, support, equipment, procedures, policies and tools to meet or exceed compliance in our and client’s health, safety, and environmental program, the Occupational Health & Safety Act, Regulation, Code, and all other applicable regulatory requirements.