Planning & Analysis

We ensure that your electrical system needs are met, now and in the future, through our detailed planning and analysis.


We work with you to design your electrical systems that aim to achieve maximum function, flexibility, and reliability.


Proven processes and tool sets are engaged to ensure a safe and robust installation is ready for Startup and handover to the customer.

Our Engineering Services

At Synergi-FX we acknowledge that project management techniques and stages are critical to getting complex projects completed on time and on budget. In engineering, the success of a project depends heavily on proper management of the project’s life cycle.

We follow these steps to keep track of our engineering services:

    • Analyze the scope, schedule and budget
    • Design review relative to process control and functional implementation of the process design
    • Prepare Electrical Design/Drafting
    • Electrical/Instrumentation/Controls and EWP Packages for Construction
    • Shutdown Key/Control Narrative and Equipment Specifications
    • Client/Project Specifications
    • Complete Development of control system Program/HMI Interface/Communications network (copper, fiber, wireless, radio)

After development is completed, we provide field services, which includes:

  • Field Commissioning/On-site support
  • As-Built/Update drawings
  • Post-Construction Support/Ongoing Maintenance
  • Optimization of plant control
  • Post-Construction Support/Ongoing Maintenance
  • Optimization of plant control
  • Front End Engineering and Design (FEED) Studies

    Front End Engineering and Design (FEED) plays a critical part in the pre-project planning process of a new project or plant upgrade. The FEED study serves as a conceptual design phase of a project, aiming to streamline project management by identifying opportunities for maximizing efficiency during project execution.

    Synergi-FX offers FEED studies in which our analytical engineering experts work directly with the customer to identify opportunities for minimizing costs and enhancing efficiency during project execution. We provide pre-project planning guidance that includes hands-on support and comprehensive expertise to help create for clients a conceptual outline of their project, including a review of the most effective technology available and the expected time and costs associated with project execution.

    Synergi-FX’s FEED studies deliver:

    • Comprehensive review of client specifications.
    • Clear definition of project scope.
    • Evaluation of the most effective current technologies.
    • Conceptual design sketches and drawings.
    • Budgetary cost analysis.
  • Electrical Engineering

    Electrical engineering design is a critical part of quality engineered applications and components. Technical drawings are the primary tool which an engineering designer has to communicate their design plan to the people who actually have to manufacture the products.Accuracy and precision are essential for making sure the product is manufactured correctly and to specification. At Synergi-FX our professionals follow applicable standards for all designs provided to you.

    We design Plant / Facility systems including:

    E-Houses for motors and Switchgear:

    • Building sizing, layouts, area classification, arc flash calculations
    • Hardware and Equipment selection and suppliers
    • Wiring schematics, cable trays/schedules, grounding, heat trace
    • Manufacturer FAT testing and compliance reports

    Automation Control Panels:

    • Controller/Hardware selection and specifications
    • Control and relay panel design
    • Manufacturer FAT testing and compliance reports

    Coordinate with utility provider:

    • Scheduling installation of utility feeds
    • Design approval for installation

    Drawings and regulatory submissions:

    • AutoCAD drawings and submission packages, IFR, IFB, IFC, Engineer stamped packages for Alberta, British Columbia and Saskatchewan
  • Instrumentation Engineering

    Instrumentation drafting is an essential part of a design processes. It is focused on the principle of operation of measuring instruments which are used in design and configuration of automated systems in electrical and other domains. Instrument engineers manage, design, and install the machines or control systems used in highly technical fields. Control system is a part of instrumentation and instrumentation design deals with specifications of equipment, layouts, wiring schematics, instrument index etc.

    Industrial and manufacturing plants use instrumentation systems to monitor their facilities. These instruments measure temperature, pressure, radiation, voltage, and other variables. Instrument engineers design these instruments, monitor their performance, and troubleshoot existing devices to ensure that effective repairs are made. Instrument engineer technologists set up and maintain complex computer-controlled equipment driving instrumentation.

    Synergi-FX drafting services let you speed up your design cycles, enable better collaboration across teams, improve company efficiency and improve understanding of the real-world performance of your engineering projects. In today’s modern world, the top target of every plant management is to achieve the safest and maximum production out of their equipment, machinery, and devices. To reach that target, one of the major steps it follows is to install good instrumentation in the plant.

    Synergi-FX’s Instrumentation Services:

    • Participation in P&ID Development and Review
    • Specifications & Standards Development
    • Instrument Evaluation & Selection
    • Instrument Index Development
    • Instrument Data Sheets
    • Sizing & Service Calculations
    • Quotation & Requisition
    • Installation Details
    • Work Packages & Contracts
    • Turnover Coordination & Punch-lists
    • P&ID and Data Sheet As-Building
  • Procurement Support

    Procurement Service Providers, or PSPs, are third-party organizations which are used to supplement internal procurement departments. PSPs have their own staffing which assist in a variety of tasks for their clients. The tasks include: strategic sourcing, benchmarking, implementing best practices, supplier rationalization, supplier evaluation and negotiation.

    Synergi-FX utilizing PSPs have been able to improve spending coverage, reduce costs for goods and services, employ industry best practices, leverage the latest procurement technologies, and streamline source-to-pay processes all without taking on the risks and assets required to achieve such results.

    In most organizations it is very costly and difficult to maintain domain expertise in every category of spend.  Using a PSP avoids the burdens of procurement infrastructure for non-strategic categories. Synergi-FX as a PSP provides a rapid analysis of an organization’s spending, negotiations with suppliers, management of supplier implementations and proven industry best practices.

  • Project Management Support

    Proper Project management is essential to avoid unexpected cost or resource problems throughout a project. At Synergi-FX our  Management is actively engaged in guiding each project and ensuring our clients are satisfied. Efficient preparation and planning up front allow a light weight and efficient approach to project management thereby allowing the team to focus on the main work. Close integration of project management with the technical management of a project helps with this and, through the generation of detailed and accurate time and technical specifications for both internal teams and third-party suppliers, no one is left unsure of what to do.

    Constructability reviewing is done to identify construction processes from start to finish during the pre-construction phase. It will identify obstacles before a project is built to reduce or prevent error, delays and cost overruns.