Identify and Solve

Detect and solve problems even before the customer is aware of them, and only have to deploy a Field Service engineer when necessary.

No Scheduled Maintenance

Implementing predictive maintenance helps repair, clean, or replace parts when it becomes necessary instead of using a fixed maintenance schedule.

Automatic Work Order

Set up an automatic work order to dispatch the right Field Service engineer when self-repairing steps are unable to solve the problem.

Connected Field Service

Connected Field Service fundamentally is transforming the service industry. With Preemptive Maintenance, the need for customer or client initiation has been eliminated from the equation whereas previously this element was central to the service relationship. Monitoring in Connected Field Service, you always know your customers equipment is running smoothly and when it isn’t. You’re notified right away, so you can troubleshoot the problem remotely, or send a technician to fix it, often before the customer even knows there is a problem.

Connected Field Service is designed with time-saving features that boost productivity. A seamless service process can increase customer satisfaction and boost revenue. Connected Field Service changes as technology changes. Paper-based, on-site systems have given way to field service management software and cloud-linked solutions. Artificial intelligence, machine learning, virtual reality, unmanned systems, and more will continue to reshape business models and customer experience touch points within field service and manufacturing. These revolutionary technologies can help manufacturers generate greater revenue and improve the overall customer experience. Connected Field Service allows you to make the best use of the opportunities offered by devices connected to the Internet of Things. This optimal deployment ensures that problems are predicted before downtime occurs and before the customer is bothered by it.

Networking service. network engineer administrator checking server hardware equipment of data center