Our Vision and Mission

Our Purpose: “Making Lives Easier, Safer and More Productive Through Innovative Implementation of Technology.”

Our Strength

Our strength lies in our experienced and diversified team, who work alongside our customers to provide top notch solutions to all projects, at all times.

“Customer Focus”          “Teamwork”         “Professionalism”

Our People

Synergi-FX Engineers and Technologists are highly qualified in all areas of Automation, System Design and Implementation.

“Great Vision without Great People is Irrelevant” – Jim Collins

Evolution of Synergi-FX

In 1996 Synergi-FX (previously known as RN Engineering)  partnered with Microsoft to deliver large-scale, end-to-end Internet of Things (IoT) solutions that boost the digital processes of our clients. Today Enterprise organizations use Synergi-FX’s IoT solution, strengthened by Microsoft Azure IoT Suite, to transition to Industry 4.0 and create solutions that go From the Control Room to the Boardroom™, using interactive dashboards and visualizations. We have provided engineering, design, analysis and project services specializing in automation, electrical and instrumentation within Western Canada. Synergi-FX has a balanced team of experienced and motivated professionals working together to deliver quality projects on time and on budget.

Synergi-FX knows that the key to great business decisions is based on accurate and timely data that is presented in a meaningful format.  Our IIoT solutions provide just that. From the Control Room to the Boardroom™ is our solution for modern businesses to stay ahead of the curve.


Synergi-FX has created and maintained long-standing relationships with our clients. We consider our clients as partners and celebrate their successes as part of a team. As we work together and team goals align, then success becomes a mutual aspiration.

Synergi-FX started initially in the mid 1990’s as an IT Company in the days of WinNT networking for small companies. Later we moved to Oil and Gas, supplying integrated networking at production facilities including SCADA,  centralized reporting, automation design and engineering.

Our initial focus was on well site SCADA and metering, integrated data acquisition via radio, satellite, cellular, WAN and internet. This later expanded to plant control and automation, communication architecture, process control and safety functionality (SIS/SIL). Hardware and software are always selected with a vendor-neutral approach. Synergi-FX also develops design documentation, control narratives and shutdown keys, testing and field commissioning, facility power ups to 25 kV, generator systems, control panel and MCC design, drawings, submissions and field implementation.

For more than 2 decades our business has been continuously growing and strengthening. We are constantly evolving by embracing all the recent trends in the field of our expertise and providing top notch solutions to our clients.